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Insurance & Compensation

The SBA takes out insurance cover for its members for claims from third parties arising from accidental injury or disease, or damage to property, including pollution, resulting from a member’s beekeeping activities. The policy also covers claims relating to the sale of beekeeping products, excluding mead. Insurance is automatically provided to Personal, Junior, Household, and Honorary Life members. Affiliated Beekeeping Associations (ABAs) are covered by the policy when their hives are unattended and when their colonies are being manipulated by, or manipulated under the supervision of, an SBA member.

Our in-house Compensation Scheme provides some financial recompense for bees and hives lost as a result of fire, theft, vandalism, AFB or EFB. The compensation is drawn from a limited fund set aside by the SBA each year for this purpose.

This page provides access to a range of documents describing our Public and Products Liability insurance and the Compensation Scheme, as well as the forms you will need to raise a claim. If you are faced with the need to demonstrate that you have insurance cover, you can download a copy of the latest Confirmation of Insurance certificates issued by our insurance brokers by

If you have any questions regarding insurance and compensation, please contact our Insurance Trustee: