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Moir Library

The Moir Library

The Association has an extensive private library of books and periodicals, housed at a central location in Edinburgh but available to members across the country through a variety of methods.

The History of the Moir Library goes back to 1912, and is a classic example of how one man’s enthusiasm eventually led to the establishment of a valuable resource which is now available to benefit many others. Under normal circumstances books may only be borrowed by fully paid up members of the Scottish Beekeepers Association.

The Moir Library Rare Books Collection

The Moir Rare Book Collection, held at the National Library of Scotland, is separate from the lending collection held at Fountainbridge Library. It contains books on beekeeping, mostly published prior to the year 1801, although there are a few published a little later than that.

Contact Details
Fountainbridge Library, Dundee Street, Edinburgh EH11 1BG.
Tel 0131-529-5616.

Current opening hours are as follows:
Monday and Wednesday 1pm to 8pm
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 10 a.m. to 5pm
Saturday 10am to 5pm

Library Officer

Boxes of Selected Books
Boxes of selected books from the library are available for Affiliated Beekeeping Associations to borrow. Please contact the Library Officer. Lists of the contents of each box are available below.

Further Information

The duties of managing the Moir Library and its collections are varied and demanding:

  • Purchase, preparation cataloguing and classification of new and existing stock of books and periodicals
  • Correspondence, enquiries and telephone calls
  • Purchase of new books
  • Reading and requesting reviews
  • Postal loans service
  • Bindings and repairs
  • Displays to promote the library
  • Chairing meetings of the sub-committee
  • Attending SBA board meetings

Borrowing items from the Moir Library

  • Requests to borrow books and other information related to the library should be sent to
  • Read the rules printed on the red issue label in each book
  • Take great care of the books while they are in your possession and return them punctually and carefully packed.
  • Give alternative authors and titles where possible.
  • Address all correspondence and return books to the Hon. Librarian, Moir Library, Fountainbridge Library, Dundee Street, Edinburgh EH11 1BG.
  • Books published before 1900 and certain scarce books can only be borrowed by special permission of the Convener of the Library Committee

Can I donate books to the Moir Library? 
The library welcomes gifts of books and pamphlets, particularly rare or hard to obtain publications, but subject to prior consultation and agreement with the Library Convener. Further information may be obtained from the Library Officer

Moir Library Catalogues
Catalogues of the Moir Library are available for download below or by post from the Library or Convener at a cost of £5 each. Further information may be obtained from the Library Officer: