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SBA Awardsawards

The Association makes available a number of prizes and awards for those who are judged to have served a particular aspect of beekeeping in an outstanding manner.

Recent recipients of these prizes and awards are listed in each of the sections below.

When your local association meets, do please consider whether someone in your association might be a worthy recipient of one of these awards, and if so, make a nomination through the General Secretary.

SBA Award Winners

Presidents of the Scottish Beekeepers Association

1912-1914 THE EARL OF ROSEBERRY, Dalmeny
1916 ROBERT STEELE, Monifieth
1917 JW MOIR FRSGE, Edinburgh
1918 Rev JOHN BEVERIDGE BD, Fossoway
1919 Dr JOHN ANDERSON, MA BSc, Aberdeen
1921 JOHN R DICKSON, Alloway
1922 HENRY MARRS, Fruid, Lochmaben
1923 GHB PRITCHARD, Beauly, Invernessshire
1924 HENRY CROMBIE, MA, Dunkeld
1925 JAMES COCHRAN, Kilmarnock
1926 Rev AE McINNES, MA, Hawick
1927 Mrs JEP ROBERTSON, Edinburgh
1928-1930 RY HOWIE, MA, Rutherglen
1931-1934 H BOYD MARTIN, Dundee
1935-1937 A LIMOND, Minishant, Maybole
1838-1940 Dr JN TENNENT, Glasgow
1941-1943 HARRY R BROWN, Dundee
1944-1946 JAMES STARK, MBE, MA, Nairn
1947-1948 RJ FARQUHAR, Dunblane
1949-1951 WILLIAM ALLAN, Prestwick
1952-1954 JAMES CUNNINGHAM, Edinburgh
1955-1957 THOMAS J KIRKLAND, Crieff
1958-1960 ROBERT NH SKILLING, Kilmarnock
1961-1962 WD PATERSON, Guthrie, Forfar
1963-1966 Rev D GRIMMOND, Dundee
1966-1967 DONALD MARR, Aberdeen
1967-1969 WILLIAM W WILSON, Dundee
1970-1972 PETER T MORTON, JP, Paisley
1973-1975 ANDREW C SMITH, Paisley
1976-1978 GEORGE C SMITH, Edinburgh
1979-1982 PETER YOUNG, Bridge of Earn
1982-1985 ROBERT COUSTON, Perth
1985-1988 ALASTAIR LILBURN, Aboyne
1988-1991 ROBERT BROWN, Dumfries
1991-1994 IAIN STEVEN, South Queensferry
1994-1997 WILLIAM A MACKENZIE, Dyce, Aberdeen
1997-2000 IAIN CRAIG, Johnstone
2000-2003 LESLIE WEBSTER, Rothiemay
2003-2006 UNA ROBERTSON, Edinburgh
2006-2009 IAIN CRAIG, Johnstone
2009-2011 ALAN TEALE, Stirling
2011-2014 PHIL McANESPIE, Ayr
2014-2017 BRON WRIGHT, Edinburgh
2017-now  Alan Riach, Edinburgh

Dr John Anderson Memorial Award

The object of the Award is to stimulate education in beekeeping throughout Scotland, to further the work of research in practical beekeeping and to perpetuate the memory of the late Dr John Anderson. 

It is to be awarded to members of the SBA ‘in recognition of special work or service for the furtherance of beekeeping in Scotland and beyond.’

Recipients of the SBA Dr John Anderson Memorial Award.

1945 A R Cumming, Inverness
1946 W W Smith, Innerleithen
1951 Dr Guy Morrison, Aberdeen
1953 Miss EM Donald, Kelso
1955 Mrs M M Hooper
1960 A Limond, Minishant
1961 J Cumming, Edinburgh
1963 WD Paterson, Guthrie
A Stewart, Peebles
1964 Capt L M Thake, Fife
1965 A S C Deans, Aberdeen
1966 No award
1967 Dr J Tennant, Glasgow
1968 No award
1969 Miss M Logan, Inverness
1970 C S Minto, Edinburgh
1971 W S Robson, Berwick – upon – Tweed
1972 J A MacArthur, Moray
1973 D Robb, Dundee
1974 No award
1975 I McHardy, Edinburgh
1976 Miss C Dickson, Edinburgh
1977 Mr & Mrs Taylor, Nottingham
1978 G F McLen, Craigellachie
J H F Smith, Ayr
1979 J Braithwaite, Dundee
1980 J McKay, Alloway
1981 A Cairns, Largs
A McLure, Longforgan
A C Smith
1982 G Lawson, East Lothian
J Dunlop, West Lothian
1983 G Smith, Dunblane
D Robertson, Fife
1984 G C Smith

1985 S Jack, Fife
W Kirsopp, Ayr
1986 No award
1987 R Couston, Perth
1988 D Auld, Moray
D Stewart, Nairn
1989 H Macpherson, Glasgow
1990 B Mobus, Aberdeen
J Durward, Western Galloway
A C Halkett, Edinburgh
1991 P C Aird, Largs
W A Brown, Dunblane
1992 Peter M.Young (absent through illness collected by R B Simpson , Fife)
1993 John & Morna Stoakley, Peebles BKA
1994 Ian Will, Edinburgh and Midlothian BKA (EMBA)
1995 R G ‘Bob’ Brown, South of Scotland BKA
1996 No award
1997 George Braithwaite, East of Scotland BKA
1998 William A ‘Bill’ MacKenzie, Aberdeen
1999 No award
2000 Dr David Christison, Clyde Area BKA
2001 Ian Craig, Kilbarchan BKA
2002 W B ‘Willie’ Taylor, Aberdeen BKA
2003 Les H Webster, Aberdeen BKA
2004 A Eric McArthur, Glasgow DBKA
2005 Alasdair Joyce, Moray BKA
2006 No award
2007 Peter Browne, Lochaber BKA
2008 No award
2009 No award
2010 Magnus Peterson, Dunblane and Stirling BKA
2011 No award
2012 No award
2013 No award
2014 Dr John Durkacz, Dunfirmline and West Fife BKA
2015 No award

Harry Brown Award Winners

Recipients of the Harry Brown Award.

1964-1967 Photographic Competition

Feb 1968 Photographic competition discontinued in favour of “One prize for the best article contributed to ‘The Scottish Beekeeper’ by anyone other than a regular contributor”

1969 Mr RH Bovery, (Bishop Auckland, “Standardisation of Hives”

May 1969 Now open to the best original contribution to “the Scottish Beekeeper”

Feb 1970 Mr AFF Maclure, “Alsace Ahoy”
Mr O Wilson, “A Beekeeper’s Reminiscences”

1971 Mr MS Wood, “Siftings”, Aug 1970, p142
Mr O Wilson, Beekeeping, a Trilogy”, July 1970, p132

Sep 1972 “It was agreed that the monies which went with this award be used for the competition to design new honey labels.”

Feb 1973 No award. “None of the entrants was worth a prize.”

Nov 1973 “The award to be made to the best article in ‘The Scottish Beekeeper’”

1974 “Sou’wester” “did not wish his identity to be disclosed to readers”

1975 Mr AFF MacLure

1976/1982 No award (May 1979 “A competition for Associations connected with the ‘Harry Brown award’ for a new front cover would be arranged. During 1980 a prize of £25 would be awarded to the individual submitting the ‘Best Article’ in the magazine” Nov 1980 “Award should be divided into two or more prizes in 1981 and these awards given for different classes of competition”

1983 Mr Eric Macarthur and Mr William Kirsopp

Feb 1983 “For 1983/84 to be given for the best article by an SBA member”

1984 Mr J Gleed

1985/6 No award made

1987 A B Ferguson, South of Scotland BKA

1988 Mrs Una Robertson, Edinburgh and Midlothian BKA

1989 No award made

1990 Mrs Anne Middleditch, Berwick upon Tweed

1991 Dr JE Durkacz, Dunfermline and West Fife BKA

1992 No award made

1993 RG Brown, South of Scotland BKA

1994 Alasdair Joyce, Forres

1995 Bob Lord, Peebles BKA

1996 John Stoakley, Peebles BKA

1997 Dr David Christison, Clyde Area BKA

1998 Mrs Brenda Vidler (McLean) Moray BKA

1999 C Neil Anderson, Kirkintilloch, Kelvin Valley BKA

2000 Peter and Moira Watt, Stonehaven

2001 John Salt, Forres

2002 John Goodman, Aberdour

2003 Magnus Peterson, Dunblane and Stirling BKA

2004 Nigel Hurst, Edinburgh and Midlothian BKA

2005 Ian Ferguson, Kelvin Valley BKA

2006 No award made

2007 Rosemary Legge, Fortingall BKA

2008 Bill Legge, Fortingall BKA

2009 John McLean, Dunblane and Stirling BKA

2010 Allan Cameron, Edinburgh and Midlothian BKA

2011 Phil Moss, Oban and District BKA

2012 Alan Riach, Edinburgh and Midlothian BKA

2013 Rev Kate Atchley, Lochaber BKA and Dr Gavin Ramsey Joint award “Varroa Mapping”

2014 Ann Chilcott, Morayshire BKA

2015 Tony Harris, Morayshire BKA

2017 Angus Rintoul, Ayr & District BKA

Life Members of the SBA

Recipients of SBA Life Membership

2011 John Kinross Northern Bee Books (awarded at the SBA Council Meeting)

2012 Ian Craig Kilbarchan BKA
Iain Steven EMBA, DWFBKA
Les Webster Aberdeen BKA

2013 Iain Campbell Rannoch Press, Glasgow

2014 Peter Browne Lochaber BKA
Magnus Peterson Dunblane and Stirling BKA

2015 No new awards

Local Association Award

This is to be awarded to beekeepers for recognition of the quality of their contribution within their Local Association, and for their active promotion of the art of beekeeping in the environment of that Association.

The beekeeper must be a current member of the SBA and have been an SBA member for at least 7 years.

Recipients of the SBA Local Association Award

1994 C Neil Anderson, Kirkintilloch, Kelvin Valley BKA
Mrs Elspeth Anderson, Kirkintilloch, Kelvin Valley BKA

1995 John Ross, Kettlebridge, Fife BKA
Ian Craig, Brookfield, Kilbarchan BKA

1996 Mrs Moira Jenkin, Monifieth, East of Scotland BKA
James “Jim” Herd, Edinburgh and Midlothian BKA

1997 AJ Davidson, Inverness BKA
SC Rae, Aberdeen BKA

1998 RG “Bob” Brown, Dumfries, South of Scotland BKA

1999 No Nominations

2000 Robert Wood, Aberdeen BKA

2001 TW “Bill” Rowe, Nairn BKA
EB “Bob” Simpson, Cupar, Fife BKA

2002 Mrs Helen Kinnes, East of Scotland BKA
Bob Marks, Edinburgh and Midlothian BKA

2003 Ben Bellamy, Helensburgh BKA
C Gordon Stewart, Glasgow BKA

2004 Dr Arthur Ballantyne, Caddonfoot BKA
George Livingstone, Caddonfoot BKA
Sandy Gordon, Aberdeen and District BKA

2005 John Salt, Moray BKA
John Tout, Dunfermline and West Fife BKA

2006 Ken Mackay, Caddonfoot BKA

2007 Drew Guthrie, Borders BKA
Fred Mitchell, Borders BKA
Bill Smith, Borders BKA
Frank Mirtle, Nairn and District BKA
David Brown, Helensburgh BKA
Irene Joyce, Sutherland BKA

2008 Enid Brown, Dunfermline and West Fife BKA, Fife BKA

2009 Magnus Peterson, Dunblane and Stirling BKA
Dr John Durkacz, Dunfermline and West Fife BKA

2010 Charlie Irwin, Glasgow BKA

2011 Tony Riome, Ayr and District BKA
George Duncan, Edinburgh and Midlothian BKA
Allister Guy, Edinburgh and Midlothian BKA
Tom McGravie, Edinburgh and Midlothian BKA
Helen Kinnes, East of Scotland BKA, (Bar to the LA award)

2012 Ian Lilley, East of Scotland BKA
Rita Calder, Edinburgh and Midlothian BKA
Allan Drain, Edinburgh and Midlothian BKA
George Mackay, Edinburgh and Midlothian BKA

2013 No nominations

2014 John Cooper, Aberdeen and District BKA
Joyce Duncan, Ayr and District BKA
Ian Jamieson, Ayr and District BKA
Phil McAnespie, Ayr and District BKA
Alan Riach, Edinburgh and Midlothian BKA
Eric McArthur, Glasgow and District BKA
Alastair Cameron, Helensburgh and District BKA
Neil Sandison, Helensburgh and District BKA
Bryce Reynard, Nairn and District BKA
Ben Bellamy, Helensburgh and District BKA (Bar to the LA award)

2017 David Wright, Edinburgh and Midlothian BKA
Nigel Hurst, Edinburgh and Midlothian BKA
Mike Thornley, Helensburgh and District BKA
Phil Moss, Oban & District Beekeepers
Norman Jarvis, Border Beekeping Association

Moir Library Prize

The purpose of the prize is to stimulate interest in the Moir Library. It will be awarded to the author of the best article relating to the Moir Library, which has appeared in the Scottish Beekeeper. Articles will be considered by the SBA Library Sub-Committee, and a recommendation will be made to the Trustees.

Recipients of the Moir Library Prize.

2011 Robert Hawker, Ponteland, Northumberland, for an article on “Thomas William Cowan, Son of Scotland”, printed in the Scottish Beekeeper Jan 2010, pp22-26

2012,13,14 No award

SBA Special Award

Recipients of the SBA Special Award.

1994 Mrs Mary MacLean, Edinburgh and Midlothian BKA (EMBA). Awarded for 20 years in charge of honey sales at the Royal Highland Show proceeds from which annually contributed around £500 to SBA funds. Mary was resented with a framed, inscribed print.

1999 Stan Coxon, Inverness warded for many years of distinguished service to Scottish beekeeping. Stan was presented with a crystal bowl.

2000 David Blair, Kilbarchan Awarded for 17 years as SBA Advertising and Publicity Convener
C Gordon Stewart, Glasgow Awarded for 12 years as SBA Insurance and Compensation Convener.
Each was presented with a signed certificate.

The SBA Special Certificate was awarded from 2001

To be awarded by the Trustees for a notable contribution to beekeeping in Scotland over a long period of time.

2001 PC Aird, Ayr, awarded for 21 years as Shows Convener.

2002 Alastair J Lilburn, Aboyne, awarded for many years of service to the SBA.

2003 No award

2004 Tony Riome, Ayr BKA, for recognition for his services to beekeeping and for his work over many years as Secretary of the Scottish National Honey Show held at Ayr Flower Show.

2005 & 2006 No awards

2007 Mrs Moira Jenkin, East of Scotland BKA, for many years of commitment to Scottish beekeeping including a major role on the Dundee Food and Flower Festival Committee.
Sandy Davidson, Inverness BKA, for his significant commitment over 33 years of furthering beekeeping through education in his area.

2008 Iain Steven, EMBA, Dunfermline and West Fife BKA and Fife BA, for long, outstanding service and dedication to the SBA, holding major roles on the Executive Committee, including President, working tirelessly with Education and Shows and as general organiser and advisor.

2009 to 2012 No awards

2013 Mrs Una Robertson, Edinburgh and Midlothian BKA, for long dedicated service to the SBA, holding major roles on the Executive, including President, and continuing as Library Convener with responsibility for the Moir Lending Library.

2014 Brian Nish, Thornes Beekeeping Supplies, Scotland, for long, consistently excellent service and support to the SBA and Scottish Beekeepers.

2015 Charlie Irwin, Glasgow DBKA, for service as SBA Insurance Convener for 15 year, organising insurance cover and the SBA compensation scheme. Also as a dedicated beekeeper giving generously of his time and expertise locally and to the City of Glasgow and beyond.

2017 Nigel Hurst, Edinburgh & Midlothian BKA, editor of the magazine between 2005 and 2011 and also a member of the Moir library committee for many years.
Ben Bellamy, Helensburgh & District BKA who turned 90 years young on 25th February 2017. Ben was a founder member of Helensburgh and District Beekeepers Association and holds the Local Association Award and Bar. He is still an active beekeeper and is currently mentoring a new beekeeper also.