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This is one of the top Honey Shows in Scotland. Run by The Royal Highland Show (RHS) and staffed by members of The Scottish Beekeepers’ Association, this open show is held annually as part of The Royal Highland and Agricultural Show.


Last call for 2022 volunteers

You’ll be welcoming visitors
The Royal Highland Show is the annual gathering of beekeepers from all over Scotland. With around 10,000 visitors every day we need YOU to come along and share the good news about honey bees and beekeeping. The general public is ready and willing to support bees and our Honey Tent is one of the most popular attractions at the Highland Show – thanks to the enthusiastic volunteer stewards who gather there to share their knowledge and passion for honey bees.

You’ll learn more about beekeeping
Stewarding is a great way to meet other beekeepers as well as a terrific learning opportunity. If you are a new beekeeper, you will be in a team alongside experienced beekeepers with the chance to learn more about the craft as well as to share your enthusiasm with the public. Team rotas are varied - engaging visitors, candle rolling, minding the exhibits and explaining what’s happening in the observation hives as well as offering information about bees and beekeeping in Scotland.

And you can talk about bees – till the cows come home!
Whether you’re a novice or an experienced beekeeper, as a volunteer you’ll be helping to create a friendly and memorable experience for hundreds of visitors to the Honey Marquee each day.

Come along, make new friends, and help promote beekeeping in Scotland.
If you’ve been before, please come again.
If you haven’t been before, then what’re you waiting for?