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SBA Special Award Recipients

SBA Special Award Recipients

1994 Mrs Mary MacLean, Edinburgh and Midlothian BKA (EMBA). Awarded for 20 years in charge of honey sales at the Royal Highland Show proceeds from which annually contributed around £500 to SBA funds. Mary was resented with a framed, inscribed print.

1999 Stan Coxon, Inverness warded for many years of distinguished service to Scottish beekeeping. Stan was presented with a crystal bowl.

2000 David Blair, Kilbarchan Awarded for 17 years as SBA Advertising and Publicity Convener
C Gordon Stewart, Glasgow Awarded for 12 years as SBA Insurance and Compensation Convener.
Each was presented with a signed certificate.

The SBA Special Certificate was awarded from 2001

To be awarded by the Trustees for a notable contribution to beekeeping in Scotland over a long period of time.

2001 PC Aird, Ayr, awarded for 21 years as Shows Convener.

2002 Alastair J Lilburn, Aboyne, awarded for many years of service to the SBA.

2003 No award

2004 Tony Riome, Ayr BKA, for recognition for his services to beekeeping and for his work over many years as Secretary of the Scottish National Honey Show held at Ayr Flower Show.

2005 & 2006 No awards

2007 Mrs Moira Jenkin, East of Scotland BKA, for many years of commitment to Scottish beekeeping including a major role on the Dundee Food and Flower Festival Committee.
Sandy Davidson, Inverness BKA, for his significant commitment over 33 years of furthering beekeeping through education in his area.

2008 Iain Steven, EMBA, Dunfermline and West Fife BKA and Fife BA, for long, outstanding service and dedication to the SBA, holding major roles on the Executive Committee, including President, working tirelessly with Education and Shows and as general organiser and advisor.

2009 to 2012 No awards

2013 Mrs Una Robertson, Edinburgh and Midlothian BKA, for long dedicated service to the SBA, holding major roles on the Executive, including President, and continuing as Library Convener with responsibility for the Moir Lending Library.

2014 Brian Nish, Thornes Beekeeping Supplies, Scotland, for long, consistently excellent service and support to the SBA and Scottish Beekeepers.

2015 Charlie Irwin, Glasgow DBKA, for service as SBA Insurance Convener for 15 year, organising insurance cover and the SBA compensation scheme. Also as a dedicated beekeeper giving generously of his time and expertise locally and to the City of Glasgow and beyond.

2017 Nigel Hurst, Edinburgh & Midlothian BKA, editor of the magazine between 2005 and 2011 and also a member of the Moir library committee for many years.
Ben Bellamy, Helensburgh & District BKA who turned 90 years young on 25th February 2017. Ben was a founder member of Helensburgh and District Beekeepers Association and holds the Local Association Award and Bar. He is still an active beekeeper and is currently mentoring a new beekeeper also.

2018 Awarded to Kevin Russell for extraordinary service to the SBA in developing, managing and maintaining the SBA website in a time of significant IT development and change.

2020 Neil Sandison is a founding member of Helensburgh & District Beekeepers Association, which had its inaugural meeting on 29 November 1990, and he has played an active part in the association since then. He has a passion for beekeeping and is a staunch supporter of the SBA.