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Become an SBA Affiliated Beekeeping Association

£ 17.50 each

ABA membership, more than 50+ members, add £17.50
Compensation: 5 - 10 colonies, add £5.00
Compensation: 10 - 15 colonies, add £10.00
Compensation: 15 - 20 colonies, add £15.00
Compensation: 20 - 25 colonies, add £20.00
Compensation: 25 - 30 colonies, add £25.00
Compensation: 30 - 35 colonies, add £30.00
Compensation: 35 - 40 colonies, add £35.00


Affiliated beekeeping organisations (formerly local associations) gain insurance and compensation cover for up to 5 colonies, add £5.00 for each additional 5 hives or parts thereof up to a maximum of 40, can also benefit from being part of the SBA network for information flow to beekeepers in Scotland, have their existence, their swarm control contacts and their training courses advertised on our web site, take part in an annual meeting specifically for discussion of the concerns of affiliated associations, and are represented by the SBA at regular meetings with government.

For clarity, ABA public liability insurance cover applies to unattended bee hives only whereas compensation cover for the loss of colonies operates in the same way as the cover for individual members. Public liability insurance for hives being manipulated at ABA apiaries only comes with the individual SBA membership of the beekeeper involved.

The cost of Affiliated Beekeeping Association Membership begins at £17.50 for local associations with fewer than 50 members. If your association has more than 50 members then the cost for Affiliated Beekeeping Association Membership is £35 and the additional premium can be added to your basket by selecting 'more than 50 members' from the options.

Ensure your basket is correct before submitting payment.

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