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This is to be awarded to beekeepers for recognition of the quality of their contribution within their Local / Affiliated Association, and for their active promotion of the art of beekeeping in the environment of that Association.

The beekeeper must be a current member of the SBA and have been an SBA member for at least 7 years.

Recipients of the SBA Local Association Award

C Neil Anderson, Kirkintilloch, Kelvin Valley BKA
Mrs Elspeth Anderson, Kirkintilloch, Kelvin Valley BKA

John Ross, Kettlebridge, Fife BKA
Ian Craig, Brookfield, Kilbarchan BKA

Mrs Moira Jenkin, Monifieth, East of Scotland BKA
James “Jim” Herd, Edinburgh and Midlothian BKA

AJ Davidson, Inverness BKA
SC Rae, Aberdeen BKA

RG “Bob” Brown, Dumfries, South of Scotland BKA

No Nominations

Robert Wood, Aberdeen BKA

TW “Bill” Rowe, Nairn BKA
EB “Bob” Simpson, Cupar, Fife BKA

Mrs Helen Kinnes, East of Scotland BKA
Bob Marks, Edinburgh and Midlothian BKA

Ben Bellamy, Helensburgh BKA
C Gordon Stewart, Glasgow BKA

Dr Arthur Ballantyne, Caddonfoot BKA
George Livingstone, Caddonfoot BKA
Sandy Gordon, Aberdeen and District BKA

John Salt, Moray BKA
John Tout, Dunfermline and West Fife BKA

Ken Mackay, Caddonfoot BKA

Drew Guthrie, Borders BKA
Fred Mitchell, Borders BKA
Bill Smith, Borders BKA
Frank Mirtle, Nairn and District BKA
David Brown, Helensburgh BKA
Irene Joyce, Sutherland BKA

Enid Brown, Dunfermline and West Fife BKA, Fife BKA

Magnus Peterson, Dunblane and Stirling BKA
Dr John Durkacz, Dunfermline and West Fife BKA

Charlie Irwin, Glasgow BKA

Tony Riome, Ayr and District BKA
George Duncan, Edinburgh and Midlothian BKA
Allister Guy, Edinburgh and Midlothian BKA
Tom McGravie, Edinburgh and Midlothian BKA
Helen Kinnes, East of Scotland BKA, (Bar to the LA award)

Ian Lilley, East of Scotland BKA
Rita Calder, Edinburgh and Midlothian BKA
Allan Drain, Edinburgh and Midlothian BKA
George Mackay, Edinburgh and Midlothian BKA

No nominations

John Cooper, Aberdeen and District BKA
Joyce Duncan, Ayr and District BKA
Ian Jamieson, Ayr and District BKA
Phil McAnespie, Ayr and District BKA
Alan Riach, Edinburgh and Midlothian BKA
Eric McArthur, Glasgow and District BKA
Alastair Cameron, Helensburgh and District BKA
Neil Sandison, Helensburgh and District BKA
Bryce Reynard, Nairn and District BKA
Ben Bellamy, Helensburgh and District BKA (Bar to the LA award)

David Wright, Edinburgh and Midlothian BKA
Nigel Hurst, Edinburgh and Midlothian BKA
Mike Thornley, Helensburgh and District BKA
Phil Moss, Oban & District Beekeepers
Norman Jarvis, Border Beekeping Association

Mrs Rebecca Higgins 
Rebecca has been a member of Inverness-shire Beekeepers Association for 14 years, has served on the Committee since 2006 and was Treasurer from 2017 to 2010. She has been the Librarian since 2005 always sharing a selection of old and new books at meetings. Rebecca continues the legacy started with her late husband Chris demonstrating beekeeping to Brownies and to Primary School children. Rebecca is always a willing volunteer at the RHS and local honey shows and is considered a beekeeping champion by her ABA.

Graham Torrie
Graham is past chairman of Aberdeen & District Beekeepers Association.  Graham managed the association apiary at Crathes and edited the association newsletter as well as leading the committee in its business. A skilled beekeeper, Graham is generous with his time using his excellent presentation skills to share his knowledge with other beekeepers, including delivering lectures at the annual Aberdeen beginners' class and presenting practical sessions at Crathes, in addition to coaching beekeepers on a one to one basis in less formal settings.  Graham is widely read, and shares recent research and relevant publications during his presentations.  He is a frequent winner at the Aberdeen honey show, taking away no less than three trophies in 2016.

Jane Sik
Jane is an active member of Ayr Beekeepers, has been on the committee from 2010, starting as a committee member then becoming treasurer in 2012 until 2016 and is currently the Vice President. Jane gives generous support at over 50 meetings a year in the evening and at the club apiary where she is on hand to give advice and uses her teaching skills to pass on knowledge to others.  Jane attends shows where she engages with the public, helping raise and awareness about bees, working at the shop and doing the commentary for the open hive demonstrations. Jane has gained seven modules and is using her knowledge to help others who attend the module study evenings every two weeks in the lead up to exams. 2 years ago Jane became joint editor of the club’s newsletter Buzzword which is published bi-monthly. Jane was deeply involved with the organisation, planning and delivery of the Ayr Beekeepers’ centenary event. Jane is always reading about bees and finding something new!

Ian Stirling
Ian has been a member of Ayr Beekeepers since 2008 and on the committee since 2010. Ian rarely misses meetings.  He is in charge of the hives allocated for the intermediate beekeepers which are used for specific purposes and has attended several workshops on queen rearing. In 2017 he helped run a queen rearing course at the club apiary for the first time. While not sitting the exams, Ian attended all the module study evenings. He was one of the first to sit the new Intermediate practical exam and went on to attain the Apiarian certificate. Ian’s organizing skills are valuable at shows attended throughout the year both local and further afield.  Ian generously shares learning from attending SBA and BBKA workshops. He is particularly good when doing microscopy and diseases and was part of a small team who did a practical evening on microscopy. Ian is excellent at making things e.g. hives, nucs and warming cabinets to name but a few.  Often if something is needed Ian appears with it not long afterwards.

Lindsay Baillie
Lindsay joined Ayr and District Beekeepers Association in 2007 and within a year was elected to the job of Secretary/Treasurer.  Over time, as the Association expanded its activities this job became much larger. The joint role was split with  Lindsay keeping the role of Secretary.  Lindsay is a teacher and delivered Duke of Edinburgh award classes to her senior students, one of whom is currently the Ayr and District Treasurer, Chris Urie.  She accompanied juniors on a trip to Prague for an International Meeting of Young Beekeepers.   Lindsay continues to teach beginners both at the Beginners Courses in Spring and at the Association Apiary, does all the extensive work involved in being Association Secretary, is a regular contributor at various Shows and often takes home the cups!   She recently encouraged members to learn about wax – how to filter it and how to make candles some of whom won prizes at the Centenary Honey Show.  Lindsay rarely misses an Association Apiary meeting, her contribution is invaluable and she works tirelessly for the Association.  

Liz and Kev Howell
Liz and Kev have been the lynchpins of the Border Beekeepers Association since 2010. During this time, they have given unstintingly of their time. For most of this period Liz and Kev have provided what was humbly described as ‘admin support’ for the association. However, this has meant a huge amount of work, covering the organizing of speakers for the winter meetings, the organisation of the BBKA at local shows, training, membership secretariat, and links to the SBA. It is perhaps indicative of the amount of work that they did, that their roles have now been shared out between eight people. As well as their hard work, they both have been extremely welcoming to new members. They have set the tone of the association by their friendly and approachable style that has been noticeable at all meetings. They have recently given up their roles within the association and have decided to take a break from beekeeping for the time being, although they recently appeared as guest judges at the associations honey show.

Joyce and Peter Jack
Joyce and Peter started their beekeeping journey as members of Peebles Beekeepers Association with Joyce mentored by the loved and respected Walter Brodie and Jim Bogle. Both Peter and Joyce successfully completed the SBA Basic Beemaster Certificate and Peter has completed the SBA Microscopy module, and attended a SBA Train the Trainer workshop. In 2010, they set up the Lamancha Beekeepers Association apiary at Whitmuir Organic Farm, Lamancha, and launched Joyce's brainchild of the first practical and hands-on one-year beginner beekeeper course, resulting in participants sitting the SBA Basic Beemaster (now Basic Beekeeper) certificate. Joyce was vigorous in pursuing LEADER and Awards for All grant funding to help achieve the environment and resources for developing and expanding the vision to create more certified beekeepers to practice effective honeybee husbandry and management, resulting in helping towards reducing the decline of honeybees in the Lothian and Borders region. In 2012, partnering with Nora Fitzsimmons and Newbattle Abbey College, Joyce and Peter relocated the Lamancha apiary activities to an apiary set up in the grounds of Newbattle Abbey College. Newbattle Beekeepers Association was formally constituted in February 2013.  Through the dedication of its initial membership of 4, the NBA currently now has 48 adult members and 7 juniors. The one-year learning programme has led to 60 adult members and 6 juniors achieving distinction level passes of the SBA Basic Beekeepers' Exam (BBE) since 2010. In 2015 the first 2 juniors, then aged 10 and 12, were the first juniors in Scotland to achieve certification. Over the years, Joyce held the dual roles of Secretary and Treasurer and worked unstintingly to ensure standards were improved and sustained, and used her know how in successfully achieving a third grant from Awards for All (£30k in total). Joyce became allergic to bee venom and stepped back from the practical aspects of beekeeping. She however channels her passion and energy into the ongoing development of NBA. She was the 2017 NBA Treasurer and President, and invigilates at the SBA Module exams held at Newbattle Abbey College. Peter has been Joyce's stalwart partner putting his joinery skills to good use over the years in setting up and maintaining the apiary equipment, and has been generous with his beekeeping knowledge, mentoring beginner beekeepers and presenting workshops and demonstrations on beekeeping best practice. Peter continued to play a valuable role as a NBA Committee member until 2018. The dedicated and hard work by dynamic duo Joyce and Peter, in establishing a firm foundation in both apiary and educational development has made it possible for NBA members to create the Newbattle Bee Academy, work for which is now underway. Joyce and Peter are on the Bee Academy Steering Group and have made a valuable contribution to the progress made to date. 

Kilbarchan and District – Peter Stromberg

Peter has over many years run a Beginners Beekeeping Course in Glasgow, which a number of Associations within the geographical area in the West use, and direct new members too and those showing general interest in beekeeping too. Whilst supported by Ian Craig and Charlie Irwin at the outset, in the recent few years Peter has had to take on the lead on ensuring this form of education continues and is now starting to imbue others from the ‘feeder’ associations into delivering elements of the programme, which runs over the autumn and Winter months. Without Peter’s tireless focus on this over the past 10+ years (longer than 7, when both Mhairi Neil and I came through this course), Kilbarchan would not have had the resources or structure to provide this to new members alone, supplementing our practical mentoring approach, and many of our new members have attended this course.

Glasgow and District – Susan Fotheringham
Susan along with Jackie Reid were instrumental in the re-formation of Lanarkshire Beekeepers' Association. Initially arranging trial meetings to see if there was sufficient interest in having a group to set up an association and then to formalise this and affiliate with the SBA. Susan was their first Chairperson and at the last AGM became Secretary. Susan was a very active Chairperson promoting Lanarkshire both at local, regional and national level. She does talks at schools, WI, church groups etc - most recently - September to our local WI in Uddingston. Has promoted beekeeping at local events e.g. at the Scarecrow Festival in Bothwell. She has supported Bill Rintoul with the local beginners’ classes - which have had over 30 people each year over the last 2 years. Susan has been key in applying and getting funding including National Lottery money for Bee Equipment etc and in the education of members of the association. Susan has contributed at national level - particularly in organising stewarding at the RHS for the SBA. At an international level, she was instrumental in forging links with the French beekeeping groups -Jouey Beekeepers and Val D'Oise beekeepers for both Lanarkshire and Glasgow Associations respectively. Susan has also helped GDBKA as a member of their committee in getting funding for extraction equipment both for honey and wax. She was one of the formidable 4 who was on the Glasgow and SBA Autumn Convention sub committee who ensured the organisation and smooth running of the event.

EMBA – Matthew Richardson (nomination received from a fellow EMBA member supported by the EMBA Committee)
Matthew was one of the warmest welcomes provided on the Saturday practicals for the beginner course. His approach to integrating technology to beekeeping in combination with his great knowledge is accessible and interesting at all levels. He makes everyone feel a welcome and wanted part of the EMBA community.

Moray – Tony Harris
Many beekeepers will be well acquainted with Tony’s work on the ‘Healthy Bees’ project. This is the latest in a long list of the work he has carried out for the promotion of beekeeping husbandry, beekeeping knowledge and education. He has been a committee member/Trustee, Secretary, Chairman, Apiary manager and Education Team leader for the Moray beekeepers on more than one occasion stretching back into the mists of time. Always stepping in to fill a position when other members may be reluctant to fill these positions! Tony’s ceaseless work and infectious enthusiasm in teaching members new and old of the association in ‘best practice’ Beekeeping and encouraging members to become part of the education team, has promoted the association and made Moray beekeepers association Apiary arguably, the best training apiary in Scotland.

EMBA – Cynthia Riach
Cynthia is one of these people who get on with things and without whom events would not run as smoothly. It is essential that people like Cynthia are recognised for their input. Cynthia has always been a great supporter of EMBA activities over many years, quietly working away in the background and including:

• Helping with the Administration of the Honey Show (when Alan Riach was organising), making up recording charts, recording results and calculating the points for awards.
• Without fail, provides home baking for the Monday meetings
• Prepared a lot of EMBA apiary honey for sale at Monday meetings and taking control of payments for honey and teas.
• Very active in organising the Beginners’ course, doing a lot of the booking and paperwork required, over many years (prior to a more automated system being set up). She still books in attendees on the first night of the Beginners’ Course.
• Did all the checking, critiquing and organised the distribution of the Beginners’ booklet which would have been a whole lot less readable without her input.
• Helped to organise and administer the practical apiary visits, taking calls from lost beginners.
• Helped at the beginners’ frame-making nights, providing refreshments and cakes for the Beginners’.
• One of the few members who thoroughly goes the minutes of the AGMs and is a therefore a great reference point for the formal activities of the association.
• Helped at RHET farm open days where EMBA was requested to provide attendance & support.
• Continues to help set up and tidy away at the end of Monday meetings.

Fife Beekeepers’ – Isabel Brown
Isabel joined the Association and started beekeeping in 2007. She joined the committee in 2009 and was appointed Treasurer at our 2010 AGM. She has been an enthusiastic and absolutely reliable team member from the very start. Under her leadership our finances have been very healthy, and she introduced the scheme whereby members have been able to buy fondant, syrup, foundation, jars and frames at cost price, more than covering their membership fee in what they save on these purchases! She has represented the FBA at many local and national shows, is an expert on the observation hive and has recruited many new beginners through her enthusiasm for bees and beekeeping and her friendly, welcoming approach.