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Basic Beekeeping Certificate

The Basic Beekeeping Examination is your first step into the SBA examination system. This assessment is completely practical and oral and will usually take place at your own apiary. The syllabus may appear quite daunting however it simply lists all the basic requirements which a beekeeper should know. Most of the beekeepers who sit their Basic Beekeeping Examination have usually kept bees for between 1 and 2 years. Local Associations often organise classes at Basic Beekeeping level and either teach the classes themselves or arrange for one of the numerous Expert Beekeepers to take the classes for them. There is no requirement for the candidate to be a member of the SBA.


Apply Online for your examination, or by post, complete the Exam Application Form and send it with the appropriate Fee to the Education Officer.

Further information and syllabus documents can be found using the links below: