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The SBA believes that studying for, and passing, the various examinations which are available to all classes of Member, is a worthwhile activity which should be encouraged.The SBA examination and assessment syllabuses have been fully revised to bring their content and standard of examination up to date and into line with those of the BBKA.

The normal and advisory entry method is to attend a Beginners Class, look after a colony of bees for at least one season and then to study for and take the Basic Beekeeping (BB) Certificate or Junior Beekeeper (JB) Certificate. These are both practical / oral "over the hive" assessments and have 3 pass grades: Pass (60%), Credit (70%) and Distinction (80%). 

From 2020 however, candidates can now apply for the Module Exams without having obtained a Basic Beekeeper or Junior Beekeeper Certifcate to allow candidates that are unable to take either of these exams, to nevertheless, participate in beekeeping education.

The module examinations are offered in two diets, one in March and the other in November. You will find full details of all examination and course dates on the events page.

Further practical examinations are also available, these are the Intermediate Practical Certificate and the Apiarian (advanced) Practical Certificate.

For all examinations other than the Junior Beekeeper and Basic Beekeeping, the candidate must be a current member of the SBA.

The SBA also offers a Beekeeper Trainer Certificate which is awarded on request.

Full details of all examinations and modules can be found using the relevant links in the exams and fees sub menu.

All examinations can be applied for either ONLINE or by POST.

Before applying please ensure that the deadline for your examination has not passed, application deadlines can be found by clicking here.