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2023 Newbattle Beekeepers Association (NBA) Honey and Craft Show

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Date: Saturday, 25 November 2023 14:43 - Sunday, 26 November 2023 14:44

Venue: NBA Bee Academy  |  City: Dalkeith, Scotland

The annual Newbattle Beekeepers Association (NBA) Honey and Craft Show, which is an Open Show, is being held on Saturday 25 November 2023 at the NBA Bee Academy located in the grounds of Newbattle Abbey College, near Dalkeith, Midlothian (EH22 3LL). Entries are welcome from all who would like to enter. 


Overall Show details are available at this link:


Staging and guidance information is available here:


You can find the Show schedule here:


You can download an Entry Form here:



Judging is held on the afternoon of 25 November 2023, and the results reveal is being held on 26 November 2023 to which all NBA members, show entrants, their family and friends are welcome to attend.


There’s a class for all talents, including a Novice class.  Go on and have a go. You never know your luck!


Looking forward to seeing you on the 25th and 26 November 2023.





EH22 3LL
Dalkeith, Scotland