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SBA Surveys

University of Strathclyde Member Surveys for monitoring of colony loss rates

Staff at the University of Strathclyde (Magnus Peterson and Alison Gray) work closely with the SBA to carry out regular surveys of SBA members. These now focus on the collection of information on colony losses, mainly over winter, although other information on members' beekeeping is collected as well.

The report of the results of the 2014 colony loss monitoring survey is now available, along with full reports of the results for earlier years, at 

The results of these surveys contribute to the international colony and loss data collected by COLOSS (, the international bee research association, as well as our own analysis of honey bee well-being in Scotland.

More information can be found using the links below:

Dundee University / SBA overwintering surveys 2012 / 2013, and 2013 / 2014

The winter 2014 / 2015 survey has been completed and results will be available as soon as possible.

More information can be found using the links below:


End-of-summer 2015 performance survey

We are again planning to report on the Scottish honey harvest and hope that you can assist by completing the survey.