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So how does an AZ Hive work? Here we explore more, delving into the brood chamber and supers in this horizontal hive which is commonly used in bee houses.

Mark Chorba of New River Valley Beekeepers Association, Virginia gave a presentation on The AZ Hive - Beekeeping from another point of view. The AZ hive is an old way of the beekeepers of Slovenia (Marks ancestral home). This hive originated there in the mountains and valleys of Slovenia and has been preserved till today. Not so readily available it is however being brought into America by a few people who want a different way to keep bees. Mark created this presentation for the New River Beekeeping members because of the interest he has in these hives pulling everything in from the web and also his own observations and has kindly granted me permission to share the presentation here on the SBA website. If you have any comments regarding Marks presentation please let me know and i'll forward them on.