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Beekeeping Experience Day

Beginners Courses
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Date: 21 July 2019 00:00

Venue: Melrose, Roburghshire  |  City: Melrose, United Kingdom

A day of Beekeeping combining both theory and practice. The morning will be spent looking at the basics of Beekeeping, the bee itself, the colony and basic equipment and tools used by the beekeeper.

The afternoon will be spent in the course leaders apiary, looking inside and observing the simple examination of a bee hive, looking for the queen, assessing the health of the bees, and observing  the production of honey.

The second part of the afternoon will comprise a look at some of the bigger pieces of equipment of Beekeeping involved in the production of honey and wax, with an opportunity for honey tasting. The exact content of the outside element of the course will depend on the weather. 

The course is aimed at people interested in taking up Beekeeping, and to help them decide if Beekeeping is for them. Those who decide to take up Beekeeping will need to undertake further courses before being sufficiently proficient to keep bees. Advice on next steps will be given. 

The cost of the course is £75 per person and includes a light lunch and refreshments. Bee suits will be provided. 


If you are interested in the course and wish to book a place, please contact John Wilkinson at



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Newstead Village Hall
Melrose, United Kingdom


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