SBA Member Services


The SBA provides a range of services to its members to assist and support their beekeeping. These services include the Insurance and Compensation Scheme, a monthly magazine (The Scottish Beekeeper) and the use of the Moir Library, based in Edinburgh. Members of the Executive Committee regularly attend meetings with CONBA, the Scottish and UK Governments, and also further afield in the EU, representing the interests of Scottish beekeepers and beekeeping.


The SBA welcomes enquiries from members, prospective members, other beekeepers and indeed anyone interested in bees and beekeeping. We have a small network of beekeepers who help us to answer your enquiries. You may find answers to specific beekeeping questions on our FAQ page (under the Practical Beekeeping section of the main menu), and there is also the interactive forum SBAi. You will find a link to the forum at the bottom right of the page.